Choosing an ideal provider for your health and safety training 

Advice,Business,Consumer Health and Safety in the workplace should be a very high priority in all businesses, large and small. With the United Kingdom’s Health and Safety Executive bringing in ever tighter regulations it is incumbent on all employers and workplace managers to keep abreast of them and ensure they are enforced to the letter. Failure to do so could lead to prosecutions, the payment of compensation claims and higher insurance premiums. In order to keep up with the regulations more and more businesses are now turning to outside agencies to receive assistance. Some are also appointing members of their own staff as specialists to deal with these issues. In short, they require people in the workplace with sound knowledge of the regulations and good practice. In order to ensure these people have the correct knowledge they are turning to agencies that provide specialist know how. There are many of the agencies around specialise in that kind of work. So it is up to employers to pick the one that is best for their company when choosing a training provider. Obviously you should choose a training provider that provides top quality training and one that is properly accredited.

Many training providers teach courses that are developed, approved and accredited by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health – IOSH. The IOSH is an independent non-profit organisation that has 35,000 members and over a third of these are chartered health and safety practitioners. As well as finding a Occupational Safety and Health training provider you also need to decide what kind of training your company needs. This can vary widely from business to business depending on size, and the kind of work that is done. Also your company may need a degree of specialisation in H&S matters. Of course, an introductory course is ideal for all businesses, covering the ground work before moving on to to any specialisation. The IOSH provide their Working Safely Certificate which covers areas such as an introduction to working safely, the improvement of safety performance, as well as the responsibility of the individual to safety at work. When choosing a provider it is important to choose a properly accredited agency to teach you or your representative both the responsibilities demanded under the law and the best practices for you to meet them.

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