Title: A Moving Experience

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Ah, the thrill of sending your kid out to his or her personal condominium. This state of affairs will likely be a funny reminder to a couple of of you.

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humor, transferring, teenagers

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I?ve discovered a groovy condominium! Ok, k?so it?s now not best possible. Only a few insects. I imply actually! First expense? An exterminator! Is it definitely worth the money? Neatly, I will be able to?t have the funds for a costlier position, so a one-time (please!) money outlay will have to be k. Possibly only a can of ?Raid??

I desire a option to transfer my stuff. Daddy, can I borrow your truck? You don?t have one? Why now not? Do you need one? I?ll let you select it out! Neatly, it used to be only a recommendation. No wish to get all bent out of form! I suppose I?d higher name the truck condo puts. What do you imply?$200?PLUS mileage? AND Gasoline? Just right grief!

Whilst I?m at the telephone I?ll name the application and speak to corporations. Sure, I do know I haven?t used your products and services earlier than. No, I don?t have a bank card; that is my first position. You need what? A $100 deposit? For EACH? Holy cow?do you other people have a license to thieve?

Daddy, I would like $500 for transferring bills! I used all my cash for the primary and ultimate months hire AND the wear deposit. Neatly, how used to be I to grasp this used to be going to be so pricey? Promote one thing? Daaaaad?I NEED my TV!

Boy, this position is beautiful empty. Possibly I will have to purchase a sofa and a chair. Nah?I’ve my mattress. That?ll be excellent sufficient. I don?t desire a desk; I?ll simply use this field.

Renters Insurance coverage? I don?t assume so! What do I’ve to insure?

Simply were given my first telephone name! I?d love to come back on your celebration! Daddy, I desire a automobile. As it?s too a long way to stroll to paintings, that?s why. Umm, Daddy?there?s automobile insurance coverage too! Thank you, Dad?you?re the most productive! And gasoline? I didn?t assume so?

Dinner time. Let?s glance in those packing containers. Oh, No! No dishes or pans. No FOOD!

Uhhh, Mother?

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